News flash Hurricane Harvey

News Flash

This week, Hurricane Harvey caused chaos in Texas and South Africa’s ALSI Index reached new highs despite the strength of the rand. For more economic news, continue reading.

News flash Trump and the confederate flag

News Flash

US President Donald Trump bemused and annoyed the world at large again this week by saying white supremacists and left-wing counter protesters were equally to blame for the violence in Charlottesville.  Read on for more local and international news.

News flash Kim-Jong-Un-Trump

News Flash

President Jacob Zuma remains in office after surviving the motion of no confidence vote last week. The US and North Korea had a bizarre to and fro of nuclear threats only to have Kim Jong-un reply diplomatically – this appeared to please Donald Trump. Continue reading for a roundup of the past week’s news highlights.

News flash Scaramucci

News Flash

White House Communications officer, Anthony Scaramucci, was last week removed from his job after just 10 days – he is one of 10 people who have resigned or been fired from their position in the Trump Administration. Keep reading for more weekly highlights.

News flash Obamacare

News Flash

This week, the IMF released new international growth forecasts, the Republicans tried yet again to repeal Obamacare, and the South African Reserve Bank cut the repo rate by 25 basis points.

News flash May-Merkel

News Flash

Trump dramatics and Brexit negotiations dominated international headlines; in South Africa, the Public Protector’s recommendation that the government changes the Reserve Bank’s constitutional mandate continued to make waves.

News flash busisiwe-mkhwebane

News Flash

A week of turmoil in South Africa, the Public Protector recommended that the government changes the South African Reserve Bank’s constitutional mandate. Markets tumbled and the rand lost +-1.6% against the dollar.

News flash Qatar_Comey_South_Africa

News Flash – 13 June 2017

Qatar’s neighbours commissioned sanctions against the country, Comey stood up to US President Donald Trump, and Moody’s downgraded South Africa’s credit rating a notch – it’s been another busy week at home and abroad. Global News Qatar has been isolated by land, sea and air in a coordinated diplomatic move taken by other countries in…