Dynasty’s client base comprises approximately 210 private individuals and family trusts. Most are based in South Africa, but some are domiciled overseas. We entered the group benefits market a few years ago and have since been appointed as investment manager to several retirement funds of owner-managed firms and professional practices.

Clients usually turn to us for help with:

  • Formulating efficient asset accumulation or protection strategies.
  • An independent overview of their current investment portfolios.
  • Improving investment returns or service levels within existing arrangements.
  • Investing proceeds from an inheritance, retirement funds, or the sale of a business, share options, fixed property, etc.
  • Post-retirement investment planning, global tax structuring and estate planning advice.

Client profiles include:

  • Business owners.
  • Executives of listed companies.
  • Medical and legal professionals.
  • Retirees.

Client service proposition

Dynasty’s approach is to complement clients’ investment management with an integrated range of family office services based on the following sound propositions:

Bespoke solutions

We listen closely to our clients and develop solutions that address their unique estate and retirement planning requirements, investment objectives, and personal aspirations.

Quality of advice

All our investment advice is provided or endorsed by at least one of our directors and is underpinned by our proven investment philosophy and process. We access specialist advice (for example on sophisticated inter-generational and offshore structures) from our network of experts.

Fiduciary responsibility

To safeguard client assets, we entrust custodianship of our clients’ domestic and offshore investments to stable, reputable third-party administrators.

Client service excellence is our priority

Dynasty is committed to providing each client with the highest level of personal service and investment support. We treat each client with fairness, integrity and care, and expect our employees, partners and service providers to do the same.

Strict regulatory compliance

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations and hold regular compliance meetings to ensure the team is up to date with the latest regulatory changes.

Contact based on client requirements

Some clients have weekly calls with us; others prefer a face-to-face meeting each quarter; a few are happy to meet only when the need arises. We accommodate everyone’s preference.

Regular and bespoke investment reporting

We provide each client a with a monthly statement that summarises their investment performance and transactions during the stated period. More comprehensive reporting incorporating analysis and supporting fund fact sheets are issued on a quarterly basis. We also produce bespoke reporting formats for clients who require more detailed portfolio analysis or who have more complex financial structures.

Client communication

News Flashes which provide a summary overview of global and domestic impactful events are emailed to clients on a weekly basis. Additionally, our clients receive a detailed quarterly newsletter that includes our thought-leading articles, research from our partners who supply insights into their respective fields, and podcasts from our fund managers.

Client access to fund managers and analysts

We frequently host informal briefings where small groups of clients can interact with their fund managers or our consulting political analysts — an opportunity not often available to the retail investor. We also host more formal briefings where respected experts present to larger groups of clients.

Client feedback

Avroy Shlain

I have known Barry for more than 30 years, engaging him at a time when my investment and financial planning needs were as simple as a few insurance policies. Since then, my needs have become more complex and Dynasty has grown into my asset management partner, helping me to manage needs ranging from investment management, to advice on my trust, to estate planning and tax planning.

I appreciate the comprehensive investment and family office service that Dynasty provides – it’s an inclusive service that simplifies the management of a complex part of my life. It’s pleasant and productive to work with Dynasty because its people are so friendly and efficient. I also appreciate the effort that Dynasty puts into client relationships, including the client events that offer opportunities to listen to economic and investment experts.

Beth Keschner

Barry and his team at Dynasty helped me to establish my investment goals and a financial roadmap more than 25 years ago. This advice helped to set me up for financial security and long-term investment success throughout my life. As my wealth grew and my finances became more complex, Dynasty guided me through the tax and investment requirements.

The team has supported me in many key moments. In fact, I recommended Dynasty to my mother, and she is also happy with the estate planning and cross-border investment advice she is getting from them.

It’s a pleasure to deal with the people at Dynasty because I can trust their input and guidance. They always go well beyond the call of duty and they are my first port of call when I need financial or investment advice. Dynasty also finds many other ways to add value – for example, client events where top economic and political analysts share invaluable insights about the latest market trends.

Lee Harding

I was referred to Barry many years ago when I needed some advice about how to invest the proceeds from the sale of a property. That positive experience set the stage for a relationship with Dynasty that has spanned the years, with Barry and his team helping me with matters such as investment, tax planning, succession planning and optimisation of my trust structure.

Barry has always provided good and honest advice and I trust him implicitly. Dynasty takes a thoughtful approach to investment and reliably outperforms its peers. As Dynasty has grown, so has its portfolio of services, which enabled me to entrust them with more of my affairs and investments as my financial needs evolved.