News flash News Flash - Zondo: Zuma, Zuma, Gupta

News Flash – Zondo: Zuma, Zuma, Gupta

There have been a few revelations in the Zondo Commission this week. The Gupta’s have been denied their request to testify by video-link and will be forced to return to SA, Jacob Zuma has said that he is misunderstood and will co-operate with the State Capture Enquiry, and Duduzane Zuma will be allowed to cross-examine…

News flash News Flash - Emerging Markets Retreat

News Flash – Emerging Markets Retreat

The rand lost 12.5% in a week, and the GDP number was expected to be +0.6 and came out at -0.7% in the midst of an Emerging Market sell-off. South Africa is now in a technical recession and to add to it SA recorded a gaping R4.6 billion deficit.  President Ramaphosa has reassured that this…

News flash News Flash - Brexit: Britain Changes Tac, John McCain POW

News Flash – Brexit: Britain Changes Tac

With the possibility of a no Brexit deal becoming ever more realistic Theresa May has made her way to Africa, visiting Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. This has revealed a new tactic in Britain’s trade policy, promising investment and opportunities in a new continent to counter the effects of Brexit.

News flash Emmerson Mnangagwa - Guns, Trade, and Land Expropriation

News Flash – Guns, Trade, and Land Expropriation

This week has been momentous for our small part of the southern hemisphere. Cyril Ramaphosa announced, in the middle of the night, that the ANC will be making changes to our constitution regarding land expropriation without compensation and the Zimbabwean election results came out to riots and police shooting live ammunition.

News flash Bureaucracy at its Best

News Flash – Bureaucracy at its Best

This past week saw bureaucracy at its best. From the BRICS summit in South Africa to the EU and America deciding to leave their trade relationship essentially the same. Theresa May continued to battle with the woe that is Brexit, and Zimbabweans are all set to have their first truly democratic election on Monday.